Why Do You Matter?

Hello there! You probably clicked this article to see any passage to affirm your existence or you are just any other millennial who is raising her eyebrows right now, probably thinking who the hell is this credibleperson to talk about my significance in the next 500 words.

You do not have any idea what I have gone or been going through and I do not know yours, but trust me, as cliché as it may be, everything will fall into its right place.

To give you a morsel of information, just like any millenial, I have had my fair share of ups and downs. And boy, those were big ass slams-you-in-the-mud kind of downs. I know I speak for anyone that 2016 was the worst year to date. I endured a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive relationship (thank God we've broken up!), thereby being diagnosed with clinical depression and social anxiety. I also did not graduate on time, making my parents mad and frustrated at me. It did not help that I dont have the money to compensate my problems, even for just one bit, with retail therapy as I was financially incapable as well.

But you know what? Im glad all of those things happened to me as I was able to see what I can do and what are my limitations. I discovered who I am as a living, breathing human being with all those scars entrenched to the newme. Due to all the realizations and hardships, I ended that brutal relationship, I graduated the following semester, and I got a job. I have come to realize that my mistakes do not make me less of a person. It made me a much better person than I was before, and thats what should be the case for you, darling!

As long as you breathe, you matter.

Im not saying that dead people do not matter anymore. What Im saying is, as long as you are living, you have the capacity to change your situation, and thats good enough reason for you and the people in your life. You may opt to go for the drastic path or choose the little-by-little process, but as long as youre moving forward and youre trying to do what needs to be accomplished, you matter.

As long as somebody cares, you matter.

I dont care if its your entire Instagram followers, your best friend, or just your cat, when someone cares, a piece of you should know already why you are here. When somebody out there gives a piece of crap about you, youre actually making an impact to them thats why they stick around. Im not saying that your relevance should depend on these people but try to instill in your mind that without you, their entire lives may be different from what it is today.

As long as you have your passion, you matter.

What makes you get out of the bed in the morning is probably school or work. But what makes you to live within every second of the day is your passion. You owe it to yourself that you should do that calligraphy youve stopped doing ever since, that painting you delayed for months, or that music lyrics you didnt finish. You owe it to yourself that you continue that burning passion inside you because that makes you, you.

As long as you choose to matter, you matter.

All of the things I said is a pile of garbage if you dont actually believe that you matter. I believe that everything that is happening right now is the result of our choices in the past; it all boils down to you, and only you. You didnt study the past few weeks, now you failed your exam. You didnt wash the dishes last night, now theres a colony of ants in the sink. You made the courage to allow yourself to matter, now youre growing into a whole, content, blissful you. You are a beautiful person who deserve all the love the world has to offer and you should not feel guilty about it. Remember that when you choose to believe and pay attention in yourself, anything else is just a blur you should not focus on.

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